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One idea to MindmapAI Powered

One Click to PowerPoint Markdown PDF & Word

Text to mind map with AI. And Turn markdown, txt, freemind file into mindmap
Enjoy effortless exporting in PowerPoint, PDF, or Word formats.
Edit and share your mind maps with others with ease.
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AI, Making Mind Maps Exceptional

With AI, you can easily generate mind maps, conduct research, and export files effortlessly.
paste text to mind map one idea to mind map import file to mind maps star

AI-Powered Instant Mind Map Creation

With AI, quickly create mind maps from short text inputs. Effortlessly import files such as PDF, Markdown, Word Doc, and TXT for seamless content integration.

Simple Mind Map AI Toolbar AI Magic Wand

AI-Assisted Deep Dive into Mind Maps

Utilize AI Branch, AI Chat, and AI Explore to delve deeper into information, resulting in comprehensive and detailed mind maps.

Export File

Convenient Export in Multiple Formats

Export mind maps in various formats including PPT, PDF, DOC, TXT, MD, PNG, meeting different editing and sharing needs and making mind map application more accessible.

Not only AI, but Powerful Mind Maps

This app combines rich text notes, shortcuts, custom themes, and various icons to create a powerful mind map tool.

Node Notes

Insert rich text notes into nodes, easily apply bold, italic, highlight, and other styles, and insert images for convenient editing of large amounts of text.

Outline Mode

Display the mind map in a hierarchical text format, making text editing more intuitive and convenient.


Supports shortcuts for common actions like copying, pasting, and creating child nodes, allowing for quick and efficient mind map editing via the keyboard.

Theme Styles

Offer a variety of color themes and node shapes to customize the appearance of your mind map and enhance its visual appeal.

Node Icons

Use icons such as numbers, colors, and priorities to clearly indicate the hierarchy and focus of the mind map, improving readability.

Easy Sharing

Generate a sharing link with one click, easily share it with friends or team members for anytime, anywhere access and collaboration.

Modern Whiteboard Tool
with Clear Design

The old and complicated menu is not a standard feature of drawing
applications. AmyMind Whiteboard is such a productivity tool. It is
simple and elegant, and has super high efficiency.
Create Whiteboard for free →
Simple, but efficient
No outdated menus, screens full of small windows. Supports toolbars, quick editing of graphic styles.
Productivity tools, no joking
It’s not just casual drawing, but it can also draw flowcharts, UML diagrams and other work scene diagrams.
Fast, edit online
No need to download and install software to the local computer, support online editing of charts.

Design for All Platforms

The web version is just the beginning,
AmyMind will gradually cover all popular platforms.
Available now
2024 Mid
2024 Mid
In the further


Friends with limited budget are welcome to use it for free.
If you need,you can consider upgrading the membership plan.
For occasional users
Current Plan
  • Mindmap App
  • WhiteBoard App
  • Export png, pdf, doc...
  • 10 AI-actions/day
  • 20 Diagrams
  • 50MB Storeage
AmyMind Pro
For professional users who often draw and organize diagrams.
Upgrade to Pro
  • Mindmap App
  • WhiteBoard App
  • Export png, pdf, doc...
  • 200 AI-actions/day
  • Unlimited Diagrams
  • 500MB Storeage
  • Folder Manager

Follow AmyMind

The growth of AmyMind could not be separated from the support and help
of friends in the community. You are always welcome to communicate with
us and make AmyMind better together!
Road Map
AmyMind development plan, you can keep track of feature development progress here
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Contact Us
Send me an email if you have any questions.The email contact is ahshengchen, sevice at
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