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Adding photos

Images are also a great way of layering even more personality into your AmyMind and giving more context and information at first glance. To add a photo:

Go ahead and select a node. Open the image picker via the toolbar (Mac) or choose Photos under the Images tab from the action menu (circle with three dots) (iOS). On iOS, you can choose between taking a photo, opening your Photos, or opening your Files at the bottom of the Tab. On Mac, you can also use the Continuity Camera to import photos and scan files using your iPhone or iPad — a great feature to attach slides, e.g., when taking notes during a presentation. Open the context menu of the node you want to add the image to and select Import from iPad or iPhone. Next, on iOS, tap the image you want. Then, drag the photo you want to add directly onto the node on your Mac. You can also drag and drop photos from anywhere else on all devices. Adding an image to a node Resize and delete photos Select the node to resize or delete an image, then tap/click the image. Square knobs will appear on the left and right sides. Dragging those will resize the image. You can delete the image via the context menu or by pressing Backspace ←.

To add a PDF as an image to a node, press Option ⌥ and drag & drop the PDF onto the node.

Got more to say?

On your Mac, you can edit images from within your file. Activate the Markup extension in the System Settings > Privacy & Security > Extensions > Actions. To use Markup on your image, select it, open the context menu, and choose Edit Image, which will open the image in a new window, where you can work on it. Once you’re done, click Done, and the changes will be added to your file.

On iOS, select a node with an image, choose Node > Quick Look from the action tab in the toolbar (circle with three dots), tap the pen icon in the upper/bottom right corner, and you can start with Markup. Again, tap Done once you’re done. You can also add drawings to nodes — just choose the Add Drawing from the action tab without an image. The drawing will be saved as an image.

Editing an image with the Markup extension Editing an image with the Markup extension Side note:

Images are stored directly in the AmyMind file. AmyMind accepts all formats compatible with your operating system and imports them as PNGs.